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Why Arkansas is Our (Adopted) Home State!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Northwest Arkansas, so nice we did it twice. See our story below on why we choose to thrive in the Natural State.

First time around I ,Jasmine, moved to NWA from Nashville, TN to start work at Walmart and J’Aaron (Jae) moved for the same reason from Savannah, GA. Both being very familiar with the south, neither of us were shocked by driving through rural Arkansas after landing at XNA. Who would’ve thought that living in Northwest Arkansas, we’d eventually cross paths and be tied at the hip from then on!

A Natural State of Mind

“Ok- Yes we are used to the country for sure but bugs are still….Eeww.”

Although we are unable to pinpoint exactly when we met, we can share some of our favorite reasons why we stayed for 7 years and after a short stint in New Jersey, didn’t hesitate to move back.

It’s the natural state! Ok- Yes we are used to the country for sure but bugs are still….Eeww. Regardless, we finally have our bikes (Thank you, Pedal It Forward) and use the amazing bike paths/trails throughout Bentonville. We even went up to Bella Vista several times to check out the waterfalls at Tanyard Creek. Our absolute favorite thing to do is take a drive through the hills on the Pig Trail as the leaves change for the fall. Talk about BEAUTIFUL!

Cost of Living

It is very affordable to live in Arkansas. When we moved from Rogers to Jersey City, we moved from a house with a washer/dryer and parking spot. We didn’t consider these as amenities but rather bare necessities. WRONG! Jersey City wants your first-born child for a shoe box apartment and forget about having a washer, dryer, car, or any type of grass or yard. When Walmart called for us to come back to Bentonville, we literally moved in a month! Now we’re back like we never left in a beautiful home renovated by HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous couple and dear friends, Dave and Jenny Marrs. It’s amazing to be welcomed back by the community with open arms! Being able to live well and build wealth is extremely important to us, and living in Bentonville with affordable prices from housing, to entertainment, to shopping has been so beneficial.


“Who would’ve thought that world renowned, diverse exhibitions would be in our little corner of the world?”

Speaking of entertainment, thanks to the major companies in the area like Walmart, Tyson, and JB Hunt, we have amazing low to no cost entertainment around town. Our favorite is Crystal Bridges and the Momentary. Who would’ve thought that world renowned, diverse exhibitions would be in our little corner of the world? Jae is an artist herself and we’ve been able to connect with world renowned artists leading in their respective mediums throughout the years.


Employment opportunities are ample in the area. With major companies like the aforementioned Walmart, Tyson, and JB Hunt in the area, even more companies have to be here adding to the ecosystem such as Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, and tons of logistics companies. We also love how Northwest Arkansas supports local businesses and is the embodiment of “ Live, Shop, Eat, Local”! Shopping small is all the rage here which also adds to the jobs in the area, especially in the hospitality industry.

Black in NWA

Being Black in Northwest Arkansas can be a bit of an adjustment especially moving from areas that have high Black populations. Since we had our own struggles with adjusting, we founded BlackOwnedNWA that highlights black owned businesses, things to do, and places to go to get plugged into the Black community. This year we’ll be hosting our 3rd annual Black Owned Business Expo during Black History Month so the community is aware of the Black Owned Businesses, entrepreneurs, and resources in the area.

So, if you are looking for an amazing, cultured, affordable, beautiful and diverse place to live, consider Arkansas! And when you DO move here, look us up!

This post is sponsored by ArkansasTourism but as always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. Check out the link for even more details on our (adopted) home state!

Be sure to follow us on JazzyJaeNWA and BlackOwnedNWA on Instagram!

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